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Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)
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Oxymetholone  (trade name Max-Drol 50 mg) – androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) of synthetic origin. One of the strongest pharmacological drugs that athletes of various sports have been using for more than half a century. Steroid is great for gaining muscle mass.

Opinion of people

Max-Drol 50 is considered a terribly harmful drug. Everyone is sure that it simply destroys the liver, covers athletes with thick hair like Chewbacca, and causes baldness. And after a few weeks of taking the testicles, it is hard to find.
Max-Drol 50 is “famous” for its monstrous ability to retain water in the athlete’s body. True, for most of the athletes who use it, this doesn’t spoil the mood at all, because they feel such power, and they see in the mirror a sooooo metamorphosis that any counterarguments fade away. Muscles become more “full”, athletes note an incredible feeling of pumping during workouts. In this case, an avalanche-like increase in body weight can play a cruel joke with an athlete. It is no secret that muscles and ligaments grow at different speeds. Tearing of the pectoral muscles and severed biceps are typical injuries of oxymetholone lovers.

What does official science say about oxymetholone Max-Drol 50 mg dosages?

Max-drol oxymetholone is one of the few steroids in which the dose-response curve flattens very quickly. From 50 mg a day the gain will be just good. If we take 100 mg per day, the increase will be “very” good. But from 150 mg per day, the increase remains the same as from the previous dosage, but at the same time the likelihood of side effects increases.

Max-drol oxymetholone does not turn into dihydrotestosterone, however, it exhibits high activity in the skin of the head. The result of this activity, as a rule, is hair loss. The initial purpose of oxymetholone – the treatment of anemia – has given it the ability to significantly increase the number of red blood cells – red blood cells. Because of this, when taking the drug increases the blood volume of the muscles, the athlete feels a stunning effect of “pumping”. As for androgen receptors, then the activity of oxymetholone is extremely low, it almost has the ability to stabilize these receptors.

The most original feature of Max-drol 50 mg oxymetholone is its medical dosage: athletes, even the most notorious “hardcore”, take it in quantities below recommended! Take a look at the instructions for use of the drug: “Take at the rate of 1-5 mg per 1 kg of weight.” In practice, this means that an ordinary one hundred kilogram “jock” must throw from two to ten steroid pills1 into itself daily! Well, two is fine. But ten! Even professional-level athletes do not consume more than three or four.

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